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Welcome to emetonline.co.uk

Welcome to EmetOnline.co.uk. This site is here to help support relatives and sufferers of emetophobia. Hopefully this site will give suffers the ability to discuss and gain a better understanding of this phobia. EmetOnline.co.uk was set up in 2003 and has since expanded rapidly to over 70,000 visitors a month. We have recently redeveloped this site to expand its features so that you can get more from this site, some of these new features include;

    • Questionnaire
    • Email Support
    • E-Pals
    • Private Messaging
    • and many more.....
      Some of these features require you to register with us.

You make the site what it is, and we would like to thank everybody who has posted on the site. All the help and effort is appreciated, and all the posts go that little way to making this phobia a little more known in the world, after all it is the seventh biggest phobia in the UK.


Forum Hackers.....

Over previous few days serveral emet sites have been hacked by some unsavory characters users. In a bid to combat this we have increased the registration security and other elements of the site.

Thank you for your help and all the offensive posts should have been removed form the site.

Site Development - v3.0

As mentioned previously on this site we are looking to move forward and improve, after taking in the feedback from our members we have decided to implement the following using ASP.net 2.0:

    • Personal Questionnaire Designer
    • Read your pop3 email accounts
    • Blogs
    • Website Themes & Skins
    • and many more.....
      * Some of these features will require you to register with us.

You make the site what it is, and we would like to thank everybody who has posted on and supported the site.

Help & Support

Emetonline.co.uk are always here for you to talk to to, either on the site (by using the forums) or by emailing us. We know that you may need help every once and a while and that's what were here for. If you want to talk/discuss Emetophobia with another emetophobe besides us then you can join the e-pal list or use the email support section of the site to find out more and discuss this phobia with others. If you are interested in becoming an email support person with your own email address (yourname@emetonline.co.uk) then please get in touch in find out more

Latest News & Views

We will always aim to keep up-to-date with current news and events relating to emetophobia, such as depression and treatments for this phobia. However, on occasion we do miss things, if you have any news items or information you feel might help someone, then please email us with the details.

We also run a web linking system where we will add your web site as a link, if you do the same for us, this helps both of our sites gain more visitors. So if you have a web site related to emetophobia and are interested in linking with us, then you may wish to find out more.